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Our Vision

to serve in a new century healing the spirit

As men in touch with the needs of our times, we are eager to contribute to the reshaping of our reality. We possess the spirit and will to continue the saving work of Jesus in the manner of St. John of God.

St. John of God was challenged by the needs of his time. He looked into himself and recognized the need to change. He looked outside of himself and saw the needs of suffering humanity. He surrendered to God and discovered a deeper relational integrity among the different dimensions of his life.

For over 400 years our Brothers have given of themselves to the care of those in need. In different parts of the world the Brothers have offered care and compassion.

Hospitality, the charism of the Brothers, has been a contemplative stance in an anxious world, a gift that gladdens the spirit and restores hope, a vital component that heals life.

Our response today has future implications, hence, we assess our resources and plan strategies that will assist us to transition our systems successfully into the future.

“The very richness of the charism we have received presupposes that it can be expressed in different forms according to specific circumstances of time and place. And this is why we live in an attitude of discernment and conversion, so that our mission in the Church may always correspond to God’s will for us and express our sense of unity.”

    (onstitutions 6.b.)

Mission Statement

We, Province of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, U.S.A., are called to witness to the people of God,
Christ’s healing love as expressed by our charism of hospitality, through a community of faith and a compassionate service to God’s suffering people.

God’s loving
Jesus’ healing
John of God’s transforming
Our welcoming

Our Special Spirituality

As Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God, we strive to incarnate in ever greater depth the sentiments of Christ towards the sick and those in need and to manifest these sentiments with actions of mercy: we make ourselves weak with the weak and help them as the most favored ones of the Kingdom; we proclaim to them the Father’s love and the mystery of their complete salvation; we defend their rights; and we offer our lives for them.

We dedicate ourselves with joy to helping those who suffer with those attitudes and actions, which characterize the Brother of Saint John of God: humble, patient and responsible service; respect for, and faithfulness to, the person; understanding, loving-kindness and self-denial; sharing in the anxieties and hopes of those who suffer. For them our life is a sign and proclamation of the coming of the kingdom of God.


Our Mission in the Church


Encouraged by the gift we have received; we consecrate ourselves to God and dedicate ourselves to serving the Church in the assistance of the sick and those in need, with a preference for the poorest. In this way we show that the compassionate and merciful Christ of the Gospel is still alive among men and we work with him for their salvation. When he called us to be Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God, God chose us to form a community of apostolic life and so it is our desire to live out in communion
with each other the love of God and our neighbor. We feel that we are brothers of all mankind and we dedicate ourselves chiefly to the service of the weak and the sick; their needs and sufferings touch our hearts and lead us to alleviate those needs and sufferings and to work for the personal development and advancement of such people.

Our Charism as Expressed in Practice

We feel that we are the responsible custodians of the gift of hospitality, which gives our Order its characteristic identity. This binds us to live our charism with fidelity, preserving, deepening and constantly developing it within the Church, our openness to the Spirit, to the signs of the times, and to people’s needs, will show us how we are to incarnate it creatively in any given time or situation.

( Constitutions of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God)

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